xoxo (jackintheboxxx) wrote in y2jchrisjericho,

Raw Results ; September 27, 2010

Digitals && Video

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho ended in a No Contest

This was to be Chris Jericho’s moment, the match that would render all of his recent misfortunes obsolete. If Jericho could manage to defeat WWE Champion Randy Orton, he would indeed resurrect his standing in WWE. Alas, not only would victory escape him, medics would be required to tend to his unconscious body.

Although Jericho poured every ounce of cunning and energy into the squared circle, even an attack on Orton by Sheamus and his attempted use of a steel chair against The Viper would prove useless. Orton appeared to be at the height of his powers, damaging the Irishman and dodging the metal weapon to level Jericho with an RKO.

With his Hell in a Cell opponent, Sheamus, observing at ringside, WWE’s Apex Predator seemed to relish his next move. His opponent hobbled, Orton charged, swung back his leg and punted Jericho squarely in the skull. The kick transformed the ever-conceited Canadian into an oozing pile of flesh, who left the ring on a stretcher. The ruthless kick also undoubtedly left a strong impression on The Celtic Warrior with less than a week until he and The Viper square off in Hell.
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