Coma (comadrug235) wrote in y2jchrisjericho,

WWE Star Declines DWTS Invite

Chris Jericho said on his Twitter account Monday night that he was asked to be a contestant on the new season of Dancing with the Stars but declined due to scheduling conflicts. He added he hopes to be a part of the show in the future.
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August 31 2010, 13:20:19 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  August 31 2010, 13:20:51 UTC

I think this was his second time being asked. I remember during the last season of watching DWTS watching a you tube interview that he was asked but declined because of his WM responsibilities. Hopefully third time is a charm I always figured he would do awesome on that show for some reason or another.
... I hate that show, but if he was ever on it, I would SO watch it.
*grumbles* I'd rather him on there than Bristol Palin. *grumbles some more*
I'm kind of bummed that he said no, lol.
I watched DWTS faithfully when Stacy K was on. Having said that, I'd do the same for Chris.